Replica Sneakers: A Beginner’s Guide

March 9, 2023

This guide has been posted around the subreddit a few times, but I thought I’d compile it all into one place. We hope this will give newbies a solid starting point on replicas and this subreddit! Hope you enjoy the guide and it helps you out, and if you have any alterations you would like to make please let me know and I’ll do my best to implement them. Let’s get started!

The following topics will be covered in this guide:

The quality of the reps

Replicas that are typically good or bad

Purchase information & general information

The dos and don’ts

Come on, let’s go!

Just a quick note

Before going into quality, it is important to note that all sites get their products from the same supplier. Don’t worry about one site having shoes of inferior quality compared to another if you’re concerned about that. The grade of the shoe is all that matters. Sites should be selected based on their pricing, shipping charges, and payment options (Western Union, credit card, etc.). Some sites will ship for free when you order six or more items, while others will charge shipping regardless of what you order. Here is an example from marsportshop:

Shipping is more expensive than when ordering domestically, but they have a decent selection of kicks. The base price is $25, plus $6 for every 0.5kg. Since most shoes weigh around 1.5kg, you’ll have to pay $38 in shipping fees in addition to the product price. Additionally, Western Union is the only method of payment accepted at the shop. Western Union is essentially a cash wiring service. The money is wired to the receiver’s bank account. Since you paid cash, you would not be able to get your money back if your product doesn’t show up for some reason.

A site that accepts credit cards would be your best option if Western Union does not appeal to you. Just keep in mind that you are trusting a Chinese sneakers from China knockoff sneaker site with your credit card information. PayPal’s security and excellent buyer protection make it the best choice in most of our cases. There’s no doubt about it: most sites don’t offer PayPal. The majority of sites do not offer PayPal invoices, but a few do. Finding a reputable site with a good reputation and a pricing structure that suits your budget comes down to finding a reputable site with good reviews.

Quality and grades

A website usually has three tiers: * A/Regular



Super Perfect

Super Max Perfect


Do they mean anything?

If accuracy of cut, materials, and detail are what you’re looking for, you must avoid A/Regular quality at all costs. Despite their cheap construction and poor design, they are of poor quality.

AAA – One tier above A/Regular quality. The materials used in these are slightly better and the cuts are often better, but the materials used are still poor. For the most part, these shoes should be avoided, but some, like Jordan 4s and 5s, are hit or miss. (Thanks to /u/foamhead)

These are much better quality than AAA, and often use materials and cuts close to the Authentics. It is clear that the shoes aren’t authentic if they have any distinguishing features (carbon fiber on 11s, hologram on 13s, matte mesh on 5s). While these rock well from a distance, you’re likely to notice the flaws up close.

Super Perfect – As a result, they are much closer to authentic in look and quality than Perfects. You can get a shoe that is almost flawless for around $100. There are likely to be a few details that are incorrect, which leads us to…

Super Max Perfect – Authenticity cannot be achieved without this replica grade. Don’t hesitate to buy it if you can afford it. The problems and flaws of Super Perfects have been fixed in these. Jordan 5 SMP, for example, has the authentic toe cap cut, milky mesh, and uses materials that are nearly identical to authentic. There is a real hologram on the 13s, as well as real carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is used in the 12s, and the taxi yellow color is accurate. Over $140 is the cost of this grade. Although they are expensive, they are worth it.

Authentic – There is no better grade than this. These shoes are essentially unauthorized reproductions of retail shoes. There will be no differences in the cuts, colors, or materials between retail pairs and wholesale pairs. The most common flaw is the color of the boxes. For some strange reason, unauthorized authentics often have lighter or darker colors than authentic boxes. You can find reviews on YouTube for your specific shoes if you do your research! Although some still have minor flaws, they may be very important to you. The Cool Grey 11s are slightly darker than the actual Cool Grey, Bred 1s have a slightly different cut around the sock liner, Olympic and Oreo 6s have a smaller area at the lace area going into the sock liner, etc.)

Jordans and Yeezys usually have these grades. There is one quality for LeBrons, Dunks, Kobes, KDs, etc. As with Jordans/Yeezys, what you see may be all you get since some shoes will be updated to fix flaws (i.e. Tiffany Dunk High).

Replicas that are typically good or bad

The replica world isn’t all sunshine and roses, so you should avoid these shoes unless you don’t care about quality or accuracy.

No replica site out there has mastered the Foamposite shape as well as ParaNormans or Supreme Foams. It all looks crazy off, the back is messed up, and the carbon fiber is just plastic. You might consider getting a pair since they are cheap, but they are the worst quality replicas money can buy.

Replica Designer Sneakers/shoes that are really cheap, like 60 dollars for a pair of LV Dons; These types of shoes are awful. The materials are terrible, the soles often fall apart, and they all look terrible, not to mention that they often come in wrong boxes and have completely different branding! Designer reps are the exception since they are made with similar quality leathers and materials as the real ones, but at a higher price.

In addition to being a popular replica shoe, Yeezys are best if you get the Super Max Perfects or the Super Perfects (except for the Platinums, since they aren’t of good quality at all). You can check out a pair of my own Super Max Perfects, which I made very close to authentics with some simple fixes, like below. Just because they are so damn on point.

Before suede fix


I just took 15 minutes to make this drastic improvement! Occasionally, a replica may not be exactly what you see in the picture. There are some replica sites that use generic photos of shoes, and there are some that steal photos from legitimate websites to use for their shoes. There is nothing you can do about it, but it is wrong. Post about your experience if a shoe you ordered isn’t what you expected, so people know what to avoid! Now let’s talk about where to buy

Purchase information & general information

You can purchase from an unlimited number of sites. Here are some that I have used successfully, as well as members of this sub:


You can find a great guide to buying representatives on Taobao here, thanks /u/SneakerReps!

On all sites, shipping is usually handled by EMS. You receive them fairly quickly in the US. It typically takes 5-7 business days if the site processes quickly and has stock of your shoes and size. USPS may take 48-72 hours to post the tracking number provided by the site. I appreciate your patience.

Stay away from offers from non-reputable sites that sound too good to be true.

Dos and Don’ts


If you are unable to afford a shoe with a high price, look for a shoe with an inflated price. You can wear or own a Yeezy replica and just enjoy it.


Try to resell an unaffordable shoe for the authentic price you could afford. You are scamming someone who likely has saved up money to buy the REAL version of the shoe when you sell replica shoes. Be understanding and don’t be selfish.


Post a review of a shoe in user/JordanShoessale. Take good photos of the product so that others in the sub can see what they will receive if they order it. You can also do this on eBay to compare authentics and make sure you’re getting what you paid for.


Try passing off your new pair of Super Max Perfect sneakers as authentic on real sneaker forums, such as /r/Sneakers or NikeTalk.

If you have any additional information to add, please either PM me or post it in the comments. I hope this guide helped you out. You can always count on me to respond to you as soon as possible.

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