German-engineered adidas was founded by Adolf Dassler to influence sports immediately.adidas’ famous three stripes were originally designed as a sneaker support before becoming the instantly recognizable adidas logo.

Adidas established its lifestyle presence with Run DMC, and continues to build on it by collaborating with Pharrell and Bad Bunny.

Adi and Rudolf Dassler founded adidas in 1920 in Herzogenaurach, Germany, as the Dassler brand. Adi created the brand name adidas based on the first syllables of his name and surname in 1948.

adidas’ world-famous 3 stripes were originally designed to keep the foot stable but soon became their signature design. Since its founding, adidas has always had a major impact on sportsmen worldwide because of its close relationship with top athletes.

Run DMC wore adidas suits and the famous Superstar sneakers on stage during the mid-80s, and even made a song about “My Adidas”. Thanks to the worldwide lust for authentic retro items and the extensive adidas archives, adidas Originals are today’s most-wanted products. Producing top notch collaborations with legendary artists like Keith Haring, Missy Elliot, and influential labels like Def Jam certainly doesn’t hurt either.