Air Jordan 1

The origin of Air Jordan 1

Air Jordan 1 shoes come in every colorway and silhouette, from OGs like the Jordan 1 Banned to collaborations like the Jordan 1 Travis Scott.

Air Jordan 1 is without a doubt the original outlaw sneaker. Peter Moore’s design for Michael Jordan was banned by the NBA in 1984 and remains one of Nike’s greatest shoes. In 1984, Peter Moore designed the Air Jordan 1 for basketball legend Michael Jordan.

Initially banned by the NBA for breaking the “51% rule,” which requires players’ shoes to be at least 51% white, the Air Jordan 1 was like forbidden fruit from the start. Air Jordan 1’s high-top design and Nike swoosh logo are ironic.

Nike produces Air Jordan basketball shoes, athletic clothing, casual clothing, and style apparel. While playing for the Chicago Bulls, Hall of Fame basketball player Michael Jordan founded Air Jordan in Chicago.

On April 1, 1985, Michael Jordan released the original Air Jordan sneakers exclusively for the public. Moore, Hatfield, and Kilgore designed the shoes for Nike.

Known for its unmatched style and comfort, the Jordan 1 is a must-have sneaker. The Air Jordan 1 high-top is the original design, but there are also variations such as the Air Jordan 1 mid and Jordan 1 low. “UNC University Blue” and “Neutral Grey” have seen retro releases alongside new colorways such as “Dark Mocha” and “Shattered Backboard”.

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