Rep Sneakers: My First Experience

March 9, 2023

Hey fam,

To reflect on my experience buying rep sneakers, I decided to make my first post.

For context, I started collecting sneakers during the era when you had to wait outside a shoe store and hope your size didn’t sell out. By going to a local skate shop in a small city and buying sneakers long after release, I built an SB collection that is now (somehow) worth a lot of money to some people. I’ve never seen any sense in reselling sneakers, but replica sneakers weren’t available to me growing up. Due to this, I’ve been desiring long-time grails but refusing to pay resale prices.

This Reddit has been on my radar for some time, but I have never gotten off the porch. Partly because quality concerns were present, but also because the buying process felt risky and confusing at first. Many lurkers in this community want these shoes and ultimately to build a collection but are holding off for various reasons. Hopefully this post will help people realize this process is easier than it appears and so worthwhile.

My rep collection began with a pair of SBB 1.0’s purchased via Skype with Muks. A total of 15 days passed between first contact and delivery… I can’t believe it. Looking back, I regret not doing this sooner. Thank you all for helping me and contributing to this community.

The shoes are the only thing that matters, so let’s talk about them. Muk’s quality is truly incredible, the batch is slightly miscolored, but I GL’d immediately due to the materials used. The shoes came with a special insole, which I was very pleased and surprised to find in the box.

I would rate this entire experience a 10/10.

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