Women’s Air Force 1s

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Nike was founded in Beaverton, Oregon in the 1960s to distribute shoes made by another company. In 1972, Bill Bowerman co-founded Blue Ribbon Sports, which was also known by a different name: Blue Ribbon Sports. He developed a groundbreaking shoe using a waffle iron. The Waffle Racing Flat or Moon Shoe was characterized by its textured sole to make it lighter. It was intended to improve speed without sacrificing functionality. The waffle shoe was given to athletes for the 1972 Olympic Trials, and a legend was born. In 1978, the brand took its current name, Nike. In 1980, they went public. Their focus on technology revolutionized gear in a variety of sports throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Nike became known for its style as much as its athleticism as it was for its athletes’ skill in basketball, tennis, golf, and other sports. Today, Nike is known for its style as much as its athleticism. Fashion and pop culture have been influenced by shoes like the Air Force 1.