Air Jordan 1 Mid

Air Jordan 1 Mid

It changed the future of footwear forever when the Air Jordan 1 Mid was released. It was considered too bold for NBA dress code at the time. There were a lot of basketball players around the world who objected to the Red and Black colorway of the shoe, but they attached themselves to it anyway.

There is no doubt that Jordan 1s Mid have conquered the fashion world today. Their runway debut was for Dior. The Air Jordan 1 Mid silhouette has also been collaborating with Levi’s and other brands. Original high tops were all about ankle support. It’s more about aesthetics and streetwear.

In the case of the Air Jordan 1 Mid, there is a strong story behind it
There is no doubt that the is a true icon of hip-hop and sporting culture, and its history is as dense as that of the essential. It is universally acknowledged that this pair of shoes is a must-have for both amateurs and seasoned enthusiasts alike.

The sneaker from the basketball courses was created in 1985 by Peter Moore. He is also known to be the very famous designer who has designed the entire equipment range from Adidas. As the first shoe to be marketed by the newly created brand which has been co-created by Michael Jordan and NIKE, the Air Force 1 features an architecture like that of the Air Force 1 and has a design similar to the Air Force 1.

As on the time model, we also find the famous winged ball that is more commonly known as the “jordan Wings”, which served as the signature of Nike. In terms of performance, the NIKE team has been using the technology of the air sole to get maximum comfort and support as well as strengthening the ankle protection ever since 1985.

There is an anecdote that the NBA did not allow the first version of this shoe with the name Bred to be worn with shorts. There was no respect for the dress code for the championship in this case. Due to this, Michael Jordan received a fine of $ 5,000 for each appearance in which he used the on the ground. In order to promote the model, NIKE paid each fine and used this controversy to its advantage.